No period - started progestrone

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No period - started progestrone

Postby ashleydw93 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:57 am

Hey All,

I am new to the TTC forums and am looking for some advice and anyone with common experience. I have been TTC since Sept 2014, I stopped taking bc in August and have not had a regular cycle since. Of course after I took out my NuvaRing I got my period and since then have only had 2 period and one was after my doctor put me on progesterone and clomid. I did not ovulate on my first round of clomid (only 25 mg) and now my period has vanished again. My doctor is booked and can't see me for about 2 more weeks. She wanted to run more tests before having me take progesterone again, has anyone experienced anything similar to this?
I can't understand why my period has been so irregular and why I can't just take the progesterone again.

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