Prog, E2 and LH Levels

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Prog, E2 and LH Levels

Postby rcetheridge » Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:16 pm

Hello all!

I am trying to understand my P4, E2 and LH numbers, and am worried that the numbers are no good. I ovulated on Friday and my E2 rose from 2001 to 2386? I thought E2 was supposed to drop after ovulation? Then my LH went from 16 to 6 around ovulation, which is pretty normal I guess! And my progesterone is only 3.57 now. It went from 2.16 at ovulation to 3.57 today. Will it continue to rise and be ready for implantation? Or is it too low and I should go on progesterone suppositories?

Sorry for so many questions! There were so many different answers online, so thought to give it a try here!

Thanks in advance! :)
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