Wondering if I ovulated with femara and trigger

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Wondering if I ovulated with femara and trigger

Postby Storytime » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:02 pm

Long story...but I took 5mg femara cd 3-7. On cd 14 I felt those intense cramps one gets when they ovulate on femara. So I figured I ovulated. Well my temps didn't rise so on cd 18 my re had me do an ultrasound which showed two mature follicles. I triggered with 10000 of pregnyl the next day (cd19). Since then (I'm now cd 22) I haven't felt those intense cramps I got when I ovulated on femara on trigger last cycle. What's weird...friend finder is saying my chart indicates I ovulated Thursday (cd18, same day as US). I'm attaching my chart. I am
So confused.
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