Confusing letrozole/hcg cycle

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Confusing letrozole/hcg cycle

Postby KrazyAndi » Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:31 pm

I have taken letrozole days 5-9. I started follicle tracing on day 10,12,14 and 17. Day 14 I started to spot and then got quite heavy it is a bright red in color. Told the ultrasound tech and they advised me to take the hcg shot on day 18. Still bleeding and no sign of letting up! Still bright red and no clots.
Pain in lower pelvic area but nothing crazy.
Currently on day 19 and still bleeding! Is this a cause for concern? Estrogen peak? Not enough progesterone? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated going to try and get in with obgyn this week.
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