Clomid- Feel like giving up -HELP

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Clomid- Feel like giving up -HELP

Postby Awaitingamiracle » Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:39 am

Hi all
This is my first post but feel alone so wanted to share my experience and see if anyone can help/advise.
I'm 27,been TTC for 4 years. I've known I had PCOS since I was 16. So I went to the doctors after 12 months of TTC who referred me to St Mary's Hosp,had all the tests to confirm PCOS and hubby had Sperm Analysis which came back fine. They wouldn't give me anything coz my BMI was 33 so went away and lost lots of weight and returned 6 months later at a healthier 30 BMI. Because my testerone was high I had ovarian drilling in June 2015 but since didn't start my period,went back to the Hosp and was prescribed Clomid 50,the gave me meds to start my cycle and I took clomid on day 2-6. Went to the Hosp 4 times so constantly observe ovulation and was so pleased when I was told I'm ovulating on CD13. Lots of trying and went through the horrible 2 week wait only to start my period yesterday. Feeling so down that I don't even want to take clomid again. Any success stories people can share because at this stage I feel it'll never happen
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Re: Clomid- Feel like giving up -HELP

Postby AndiA108 » Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:07 pm

Hi there, I'm so sorry you're feeling alone! It is a hard journey! Don't give up though! Do that other round of clomid! If AF shows this cycle for me I'm due to start 50mg of clomid. I also had a friend with PCOS who went through 3 rounds of clomid and didn't get pregnant on all 3 rounds, BUT about 2 cycles after her last clomid dose she got her BFP. She swears even though she didn't get pregnant on clomid that it did something good for her! I know it's hard but hang in there lady!
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Re: Clomid- Feel like giving up -HELP

Postby Rukkola » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:26 am

Hey there, I feel the same as you since my 4 rounds of clomid made me ovulate strong and early buy I didnt get pregnant. I joined this forum yesterday because I felt so sad and lonely. Anyway my point is, don't give up, try again and maybe hopefully it's going to happen this cycle! Also my doctor says sometimes Clomid needs several cycles to build up in your system and then it works best? I have two rounds of clomid left. How many were you prescribed in total? Good luck x
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