TTC #2

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TTC #2

Postby v0mich01 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:19 am

So I have been ttc #2 since October. With #1 it took us 23 months (7 round of clomid and TI, 2 round of Femara and TI, and got my BFP 10th round clomid +iui) I have done two clomid iui's. In January I was on 100/150mg of clomid, estrogen patches, we triggered with a lining of 6.5 and 2 mature follicles and iui's with 65million sperm post wash. BFN. That cycle resulted in a cyst, so we had to take a cycle off. So we came back and my RE really wants me to have three eggs, so she upped my dosage to 150mg clomid for five days. I used estrogen patches after I finished clomid until 2dpo. At the time of trigger we had 3 follicles (21.5, 20, 18) maybe a fourth (at a 16.5-17mm.) but my lining was only 5.4mm. So my RE had me take vaginal estradiol for 48 hours prior to triggering in hopes of getting the lining up but she didn't u/s to check. So we did an iui with 3-4 follicles, a lining of 5.4, and 72 million sperm post wash. Today I'm 13dpo, and BFN.

When I did my two rounds of femara the first round on 7.5mg I had 2 eggs, so she upped me to 10 mg, in hopes of pulling up a third, and I had one. So she thinks the first round with two eggs was likely residual clomid. So, I'm getting ready to call them tomorrow (unless a miracle BFP in the morning) and set up a baseline for next cycle. But I don't want to do the same thing again bc clearly it isn't work(and I really think its because of my lining.) So what can I ask about? I don't react well to femara, but is there something else to take in conjuction with femara that would help produce more follicles? Or something else to take clomid to improve lining? Do people have more success with vaginal estrogen v. patches?

Any thoughts?
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