6 DPO! No Symptoms is good? Right?

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6 DPO! No Symptoms is good? Right?

Postby Mel1983 » Fri May 13, 2016 8:51 am

So I used clomid, first cycle. I ovulate on my own but eggs needed a boost. I took it CD 3-7. On CD 13 I had +OPK, and had serious bilateral O pain on the evening of CD 14. My wife and I inseminated on O day and 3 days leading up to ovulation. My question is, a lot of women say they have cramping and twinges and other things in the TWW when taking Clomid.. Besides the O pain we haven't had anything. No symptoms at all. I've heard clomid can mimic pregnancy symptoms but nothing is happening. I do temp and my temp is high, well above the cover line. I did have a dip in temp on CD 4, it didn't go below the cover line, but still. I know that's not an implantation dip, it's way too early. Probably secondary estrogen surge. I just don't understand. Has anyone taken CLomid, had no symptoms and went on to have BFP? Any suggestions or advice would be helpful. Thanks ladies. Baby dust to you all!
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Re: 6 DPO! No Symptoms is good? Right?

Postby kjstanton01 » Sun May 15, 2016 2:40 pm

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Re: 6 DPO! No Symptoms is good? Right?

Postby Tinleykayewash » Tue May 17, 2016 9:49 am

Me me me!!!! Zero symptoms, BFP on 8dpo. I'll post my chart too. I do remember feeling pinching laying in bed on 6 and 7 dpo in the exact same spot both nights, then boom BFP on 8. It was faint, but there. I'm almost 19 weeks now! No symptoms until 6 weeks, then BAM.
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1/16 100 MG CLOMID- BFP 10DPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! progesterone @ 4dpo=43
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