new cycle- - Letrozole/Femara

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new cycle- - Letrozole/Femara

Postby SheGlows » Tue May 24, 2016 1:56 pm

Starting cycle 9 TTC #1. . . this will be our 4th medicated cycle on 5mg letrozole for cycle days 3-10. Trying not to be discouraged. Asked our FE about possibile IUI in the future- but was told this will not increase our chances TTC as we do not have a male fertility factor.

Anyone else hoping for a Feb/March baby?!
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Medicated cycles followed by ultrasounds:
Feb 2016: 5mg femara CD 3-7 and CD 12-15 w/ovidrel trigger; 1 follicle thin lining 5-6
March 2016: 5mg femara CD3-10 w/ovidrel; 1 follicle thin lining 5-6
April 2016: 5mg femara CD 3-10 w/ovidreal; 2 follicles good lining 8-9
May 2016: 5mg femara U/S CD 14 (june 6th)
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Re: new cycle- - Letrozole/Femara

Postby Chrysalis7 » Wed May 25, 2016 8:10 am

Hi! I am hoping for a Feb/March baby!

I am also TTC #1, I have been trying for 11 months and this is our first cycle with any kind of fertility treatment. I started Letrozole today and am doing 5mg on CD 3-7.

My RE actually wanted to do an IUI this round even though we have no male factor infertility issues. We are going on vacation in a week so I asked to just do the pills without injections or IUI this round. I thought it was strange that he wanted to do the IUI without the MFI, but the way I look at it, there could be other things preventing the sperm from reaching the egg such as inhospitable cervical mucus, a stenotic cervix (which I actually have but can be temporarily opened with dilation), or who knows what else? It seems to me that if Letrozole hasn't worked for a certain number of months it would be worth a try to do IUI perhaps with trigger shot? I had googled having an IUI even though MFI is not an issue and found some good info which made me on board with my RE's recommendation.

Hopefully neither of us will have to do an IUI and this will be our month! Baby dust to you in hopes of a wonderful Feb/March bundle of joy!
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