Clomid then LOWERED progesterone levels?

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Clomid then LOWERED progesterone levels?

Postby GirlTraveler » Sat May 28, 2016 10:55 am

I'm new here. Former lurker, now posting. Didn't we all start that way? Lol. Sorry if I don't use all the abbreviations.
Basics: Husband and I are both 39, married last year, ttc over a year. Diagnosed as unexplained infertility 6 months ago (all the standard testing). Rushing everything because we're so old. :-) I'm one of those "clockwork" women. 28 day cycles are never even a day off, always ovulate on CD 12, etc. Progesterone levels always well within normal ranges.

RE started me on 100mg Clomid for this cycle. I ovulated a full week late (CD 19), and had my first IUI that day. They had me come in for a progesterone blood test yesterday, and it was very low at 6.2. The nurse (who's been the RE's nurse for years) was incredulous. Said she'd never seen Clomid do that (i.e. cause ovulation to be so late and then see such low progesterone levels).

So: Has anyone experienced or heard of anyone else experiencing a big drop in progesterone after being on Clomid? And what did your RE say/do about it?

Positive fertility thoughts to all of you, and thank you.
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