Clomid, +OPK but NO temp Shift?!Getting BLOOD TEST

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Clomid, +OPK but NO temp Shift?!Getting BLOOD TEST

Postby babyfever2017 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:35 am

Hello ladies,

we all have an one big thing in common: our great desire to have a baby!
This is my first time writing in this forum and I would love hear all you girls' opinion.
little info about me: My Husband and I are trying for few years--hard-core TTC about 1 year, soft-TTC (?) for 3-4 years.
I've diagnosed with PCOS and have gained about 15-20lbs (my BMI is 24.8-25=borderline normal to slight overweight).
I've put on clomid for the first time this month: CD5 (11/12) to CD9 (11/19)--by the way, being on clomid gave me the worse emotional breakdown ever on first and second day on clomid so just letting you know.
I've only started BBT charting since I finished my clomid on 11/19. OPK (clearBlue DIGITAL--(blank or smiley only--not those 4 days confusing S*#%) was positive on CD 19 (11/26): OPK neg@2pm, Positive@5pm, then Neg @9pm (WTF).

We BD'd continuously throughout those days. Despite the positive OPK, I didn't really have temperature shift or increase since 11/26 and now I'm on CD23. ARRGGGGGG this waiting game is killing me so I'm going to get my blood test tomorrow in hope to either confirm presence or absence of ovulation this month.

Thank you for listening to my story. NOW the question to you guys: I was wondering, has this ever happen to anyone who was on clomid, had positive OPK but no clear temperature shift, but still ovulated? if so, what was your progesterone or blood test value? also, did you get BFP after being on Clomid, +OPK but no clear temperature shift?

Any feedback is appreciated. we are all in this together!! sharing is caring.!

Thank you and I'll be looking forward to your feedback.
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Re: Clomid, +OPK but NO temp Shift?!Getting BLOOD TEST

Postby faithrock » Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:19 am

Welome!!! :D
I just typed a huge post that was lost some how. I did not receive a bfp after Clomid but my IUI/triggier shot was cancelled that time due to overproduction of eggs...LOL. I was all for it but my RE wasn't.

Now that you are charting your temp you will get to see what your body is like throughout your cycle. It would be a good idea to watch your cm and all the other wonderful things our bodies do throughout our
Because you have PCOS opks are kind of a hard tool to judge ovulation on. So BBT really is your best friend.

I'm sure many more women have some positive stories to share about Clomid. So lets keep this post alive. :D
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