Cycle #3... Waiting for AF and I have a Question!

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Cycle #3... Waiting for AF and I have a Question!

Postby Mka7124 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:52 pm

Hey ladies, newbie here!

So long story short, I've been seeing an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) since April because of PCOS and ever so slow growing pituitary prolactinoma.

My first attempt with the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) was a TI cycle was with 200mcg of Clomid and Ovidrel plus Endometrin. That was a BFP, much to my surprise, but it was over by 7 weeks. I MC'd and then had to wait for months.... (at least I had some time to start paying back the hospital. It's like paying for a broken heart.) My RE (reproductive endocrinologist) wanted me to wait one cycle, but I had to wait several because he went on vacation and then his mother had surgery, so I sat out July and August.

September was another TI cycle with 250mcg of Clomid per day and then Ovidrel plus my favorite, Endometrin. Well- this one was a BFN.

So- I am waiting for AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) now to begin Cycle #3! Here is where my conundrum comes in. My husband and I have had a "what do we do next" conversation. Should we do an third TI or go straight to IUI? I'm only 29, but my birthday is around the corner and we want to get going on creating our family knowing the prolactinoma and the PCOS isn't going to help this process. We just want to optimize our chances.

Thoughts, ladies?!
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Re: Cycle #3... Waiting for AF and I have a Question!

Postby graceupongrace » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:57 am

I don't think it's unreasonable for you to do another month of TI prior to moving on to IUI. It worked for you once already so you know it can definitely work. Nothing is full proof though which is the hardest thing about all of this. DH and I are on IUI #3 this month and praying for positive news this go round. It's all very frustrating and challenging. You just have to do what feels right to you. No one can really say this or that is better because everyone is different and bodies all react to all of this differently.
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