Cysts ob Femara

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Cysts ob Femara

Postby Hopefulrosey » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:16 am

Hello to everyone whos reading my post

Last cycle I had my first medicated (Femara and Ovidrell shot, progesterone), monitored IUI which unfortunately failed. Today (CD3), I went for an US so that we can start with the 2nd IUI. However, the Dr. noticed two 22mm'ish cysts, one of each ovary. Long story short, no IUI this month because of cysts. I was wondering how common is it for cysts to develop on Femera? I always thought it was Clomid which was infamous for causing cysts but I ended with 2 huge ones on Femara :doh:

Anyone else who got cysts on Femara? How long did it take for them to go away? Most importantly, do you think cysts mean I did not actually ovulate last month? Last month CD10 US showed that I had 2 follies, 19mm on right ovary and a 13mm on the left. Could these cysts be those follies?
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