BBs not sore, way less symptoms than other cycles

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BBs not sore, way less symptoms than other cycles

Postby hopefull412 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:01 pm

I am on my third cycle of Femara but my first cycle adding Evening primrose oil and mucinex. So, I have had 2 cycles with Femara alone and no luck with either so I decided to try the epo and mucinex that many women say have helped them conceive.

pos opk cd 13. bd cd 8-12

Femara cd 3-8

Evening Primrose oil cd 3-12

Mucinex cd 8-12

I am a symptom spotter (hard not to be ttc#1 for a long time). My first two months on femara I would track every symptom and swear up and down I was pg until I would get af. I would have textbook symptoms, sore bbs, frequent urination, upset stomach, mood swings the whole shebang. I always always have sore bbs before af, 5 days before-af off of femara and from 2dpo- af since taking femara but this month they don't hurt. What is weird is this month I have had a serious lack of symptoms. I am currently 6dpo and nothing aside from a weird hip ache last night and some cramping yesterday. I also have broken out really bad since O. I know it is too soon for symptoms and I should stop making myself crazy but I was wondering if anyone else has taken epo, femara, and mucinex and had the same lack of symptoms... I feel like I didn't even ovulate but I had a pos opk on cd 13. Should I not take epo and mucinex again if I get a bfn? Should I just be using preseed? I am just so confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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