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Letrozole - Cycle Length and Fertilaid

Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:16 am

Hi all,

We’ve been TTC for about 16 months now. I have irregular cycles that range from 35 - 49 days, as an estimate. My doctor had me start letrozole 2.5 mg, CD 3-7, during my current cycle. She gave me the impression it would give me a 28 day cycle.

I took them this cycle, though I knew that the chance of pregnancy was very low. My husband was on a medication that caused issues and wasn’t able to switch at the time - he since has.

Here I am on CD 43. I did take a cheap pregnancy test around CD 30 just to make sure, but it was negative. Concerned about the long cycle, I did call my doctor’s office to ask if I needed to up the dosage. The nurse told me the letrozole is to help ovulation, not shorten the cycle, and that I should continue with the 2.5 mg.

Long story, I know. Here are my questions:
Is such a long cycle normal on letrozole? And also, I took FertilAid for two months and it gave me 30-35 day cycles. I did not take it with the letrozole under the impression that letrozole would do the same thing. Once my cycle finally starts over, should I take FertilAid as well?

Re: Letrozole - Cycle Length and Fertilaid

Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:17 pm

Yes, letrozole AIDS in ovulation. It's helps with releasing quality eggs. Not in effecting your cycle length. If your cycles are 35-49 days, then your cycle sounds normal. Your doctor can prescribe something to help in shortening cycles, though. Some otc recs are Vitex, Maca, raspberry red leaf tea. Good luck!

Edit: I've taken Fertilaid and conceived after 2 cycles. I can't say it was the Fertilaid though, I'd also been taking a lot of other supps. But it seemed to help with your previous cycle, so I'd continue taking it.
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