clomid cycle 1 should i be hopeful?!!

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clomid cycle 1 should i be hopeful?!!

Postby ttc-2 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:14 pm


I am brand new to this site, i am currently on cycle one of clomid 100mg cd- 2-6.
I had a scan on cd 12- there was 2 possible follicles both on the left one 23mm, one 16mm
i then had a scan on cd-14- and they now were 30mm and 18mm, and the lady thought the larger one was more than likely a cyst.
Just been today on cycle day 18- She said the 30 mm was gone, and the 18mm was literally just releasing (was a big splat on the screen), so she said that the 30mm could of been a follicle and that I'm actually realising both?
Has anyone actually heard of this happening, she asked me if i would be bothered about twins? exited at the thought go twins hehe!
but i don't know would they have been able to see where the 30mm went or signs that it was a cyst? or was she just been hopeful?
Im really not expecting results cycle one but trying to be positive.

grateful for any stories to make me feel hopeful for the 30mm.
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