TTC Male Factor & Clomid

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TTC Male Factor & Clomid

Postby Kayerskine12 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:26 pm

Hi everyone! So My husband and I have been TTC after our M/C in 2015. We recently discovered my husband has some low counts. He has been to a urologist in T.O who is amazing! He said that my husbands brain isn't sending signals to his scrotum to reproduce ( these are dumbed down terms for me to understand) He has my husband on 50g of Clomid every other day. He is also taking CoQ10.

I guess I am trying to see if anyone has been TTC and got pregnant while their husband was on clomid and coq10. His numbers are below

Volume- 6.9ml
Viscosity- thin/watery
Count - 420,000
Motility -19%
Morphology - 6%

COMMENTS: excess cytoplasm +++, head defects ++

#Motile- 8
#Immotile- 34
Dilution Factor-Neat
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