19dpo, high bbt, no af, BFN

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19dpo, high bbt, no af, BFN

Postby Novareon » Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:54 pm

I could really use some help from the professional charters out there! This is my first month charting and according to FF, i am 5 days late for AF. Is this even possible? My doctor doesnt seem too worried and said to just call back in a couple weeks if no AF, but i feel no symptoms of AF coming at all. Is is possible i o'ed later and that's what's throwing it off? I had a small patch of EWCM on 8dpo, but i we BD'd the night before so that may have been some left over lubricant (TMI, sorry!). Really confused and borderline panicking over here, any and all input is more than welcome!
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