Bbt chart interpretation??

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Does this look like a bfp chart?

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Bbt chart interpretation??

Postby legallady » Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:00 am

Hi all this my first month charting my bbt. As you can see I had a positive opk and the same day had brown tinged ewcm. We bd the day before that and 3 days after. Not really had any symptoms apart from a lot of creamy cm but not in my knickers only when I check inside. Also been moody and argued with my partner over nothing really and just feel stressed. Af is due on 23rd. I have short cycles. Been TtC since August and I'm 30. Came off bc in July. Just wondered if anyone could interpret my chart or has anything similar as I don't have a clue xxx
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Re: Bbt chart interpretation??

Postby RoloCat » Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:26 pm

You need to remember that your chart is just data. It won't mean anything until the end of your cycle (either by AF or a bfp). After you chart for a while, you might be able to spot "patterns" in your chart (say, a temp dip prior to ovulation, or consistency in pre-O or post-O temps, LP length, and temp drop prior to AF), but each month will be unique and you won't be able to say one way or another what the outcome will be until it happens. It is impossible to predict pregnancy from a chart, especially this far from your expected AF date. There are signs that might make it hopeful (triphasic shift, or sustained flatlined temps for a few days in the middle of the TWW, or a "implantation dip"), but remember that those signs are not guarantees. The most perfect triphasic chart can end in a bfn while the ugliest chart might end in a bfp

Right now, your temps are high, as expected post-O. That "dip" is probably too early to be an implantation dip, and the pattern doesn't exactly follow that suggestion (slow drop, then slow rise), so I don't think we can say anything about your chart yet. Give it a few more days. As of now, there's no way to know what this cycle will bring.

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