2nd cycle charting-is this triphiasic?

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2nd cycle charting-is this triphiasic?

Postby Niciland » Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:49 pm

Hello all!
This is our 3rd cycle TTC and only my 2nd cycle temping.
I need some help deciphering my wonky chart! Last month I had a really short cycle (25days) and ff determined my lp to be 11days. I had a clear jump on temp and a fall before AF arrived.
This month has been a little harder to tell. I'm currently on cd 29, which is much closer to my usual cycle length of about 28-33 days, but my temps are still high and climbing! I usually have blood tinged cm the days leading up to AF and had very lt pink cm at my cervix only on cd 27. I took a frer this am and couldn't decide if there was a light line or not. Any help in deciphering would be greatly appreciated!
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