Is there any hope or, am I fooling myself?

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Is there any hope or, am I fooling myself?

Postby saggitauris80 » Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:03 am

I feel like quitting. This is nuts; a 10day Lutel phase out f the blue?!?! So 8dpo I went from 98.4 to 7dpo, 8dpo 97.96, 9dpo 97.7 and today 97.81 which put me right under my coverline. Only thing I can say is this whole this has me baffled a 10 day Lutel phase :( ?!?!. I know 100% by the am if there's no temp spike I'll need to stock on on pads. Not the Christmas gift I wanted but it is what it is. Ttc is put off til may, June due to the fact we just bought a house and it's needs painting, and due to all the day throws at me I don't wanna over do it and miscarry and I promised I'd give me a break. Been ttc 4 mos and no luck. I really just wanna cry and just suck it up and wait til spring/summer when life calms down some. :'(
Hope all you girls get a BFP. My last bit of hope tests on tomorrow's temps. God bless you all
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Re: Is there any hope or, am I fooling myself?

Postby judenessa1023 » Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:24 am

Sagitarius - I dont know if you remember we chatted a while back about my two vaginas 2 uteruses 2 cervix ...

Any i just wanted to show you some support and invite you to our thread "New Babies for the New Year" its a great active group of women showing full support to our TTC sisters. Some of us have BFPs and some not as of yet but regardless we all stay in touch helping each other thru the various stages of TTC and pregnancy.

Last cycle I had a 9/10 day Luteal phase after ALWAYS having a 15-17 day phase. AF came a week early and i thought for sure it was Implantation bleeding because it was so light. I held hope till i was 22dpo and gave up. After that i realize that i must be in my new cycle and have to accept it. I had positive OPKs at CD 4/5, CD 9/10, CD 16/17 (Thank goodness I had decided to OPK test all cycle long or i would never have known that those surges were all false up until the last one. We BD'd (with Pre-Seed) 2 days before and the date ovulation and one day later. At 11dpo I got my BFP finally after 2 years of TTC. I genuinely believe that that crazy short Luteal phase was my body correcting itself.

Dont be will come. Feel free to come by...we would love to have you!
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