Erratic post O temps....

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Erratic post O temps....

Postby Laurenm1020 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:16 pm

Hello, I am new to this forum. My name is Lauren. I have PCOS and I am on cycle 2 of Femara.

A little background of my last round, I had positive opks on CD16 and 17, had ovulation pain on CD16, and had perfect temps showing ovulation and ended up with a 32 day cycle. Was a great cycle, of course, other than ending up not pregnant...

Current cycle: Had positive opks on the same days, but had ZERO ovulation pains this round. Currently on CD28 and I have had literally no pains whatsoever. Completely the opposite of last month. So I of course have just been assuming that Femara didn't work for me this month. My temps have been above the coverline for the past 10 or 11 days, but they have been so erratic. Also completely different from last cycle.

I will try to post a link to my chart and I hope you guys can see it so you can give me your opinions. They charted ovulation as CD13, but I put it as CD17, so my coverline should be just above the 97.18 temp. So CD18 would have been my temp rise after ovulation...or so I thought. My erratic temps and the lack of cramping have me thinking I have not ovulated. So I would really appreciate opinions of others that may have had cycles and charts like mine. Thank you!
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Re: Erratic post O temps....

Postby whenwillithappen » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:39 am

Hi Lauren! Based on your temps I think it looks like you O'd on CD15. Do you take your temp at the same time every day? I do shift work and so my temps always look rocky too. How long is your LP usually? Fx for your BFP
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