Delayed temp rise after trigger?

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Delayed temp rise after trigger?

Postby mtw878 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:49 pm

Hi everyone. I have pcos and took femara 7.5 mg days 3-7. Went in for ultrasound every couple of days and on cd 18 the tech and dr said my follicles were almost ready and to trigger on cd 20. I did the ovidrel trigger on cd 20, IUI on cd 22 (36 hours after trigger)

I did basically the same thing last month, just lower dose of femara, and I saw a very clear temp shift showing ovulation on IUI day. This cycle, I am now on day 26 (4 days after IUI) and I am just now showing a temp rise.

Could it have taken longer for my temp to rise than normal? Or did I really ovulate this late after trigger? I would hate to think we spent all of that money on IUI for nothing.
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