What is going on? Temp dip, BFN

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What is going on? Temp dip, BFN

Postby FlamingoBunny » Mon May 02, 2016 6:50 am

Hi there, I am in my first month TTC after losing our daughter in February. Before I got pregnant with her, I had only charted a few months to become familiar with my cycle and then she was a joyful surprise. I previously had a 15 day luteal phase, with cycles ranging from 27-28 days. This is my first full postpartum cycle so I understand it could be a little wonky (as seen by my delayed ovulation). My chart is below.

Anyway, in the few months I charted before becoming pregnant (and including the month I got pregnant), I always had a temp dip around 5-7dpo, and this cycle was no different. However, this morning at 10dpo I experienced a major temp dip, far below my coverline, and I have no idea what's happening. I assume it could be AF coming early even though I'm still 6ish days from my period, but anyone see charts like this? I'll keep temping to see if there's a change over the next few days but I'm just curious if anyone might have a clue. I had some AF type cramping yesterday and the day before which I did have when I got pregnant with my daughter, but I didn't have a temp dip like this so I'm left wondering.

Took a walmart cheapie test this morning but it's a BFN, and I know it may just be too early - but believe me I squinted for a good 5 minutes :( I didn't test positive with my daughter until 2 days before my period was due because I just felt 'off' but I never expected it to be positive. Thank you!!

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