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Please look!!

Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:55 pm

This has never happened to me before but I got 4 positive opks in a row. Ff put me ovulating the day after the first one but I didn't have much of a temp shift after that and based on the amount of cm and o pains I really think my o day was yesterday. Please give me your thoughts!! Also anyone else have multiple days of pis opks? I've had 2 before but never test today was super close to being positive too.
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Re: Please look!!

Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:28 am

Hey,I think you are right and you Ovulated on cd 18,I believe once you get more temperatures on ur chart FF will change the date.Good luck.

Re: Please look!!

Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:10 pm

I agree with Dana, once you get a few more temps in FF will probably adjust. It looks like you might have had asort of a double surge where you geared up to O but didn't and then your LH surged again right away.

Re: Please look!!

Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:40 am

Thank y'all! I'm just going to assume I'm 3dpo and hopefully my temps will stay up.
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