Hey Chart Stalkers-Help a FF Newbie

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Hey Chart Stalkers-Help a FF Newbie

Postby mermaid.hair » Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:01 pm

Hey y'all

I've been tracking my bbt for months, but I've never found it terribly reliable for predicting my O day-- but this month it's cooperating with me! (thumbs up!) Up until this cycle I didm't chart with FF (why, I don't know) I was keeping track of it in a journal and through my Glow app.

There were a few days there I forgot to take my temp :shock: because we were on a trip... but been back on track since then.
Any thoughts? I'm still not good at decoding FF charts....

Good grief, I'm really crossing my fingers, toes, and everything in between that this cycle I'll get that second pink line. <3

Also! Help me out here: not sure what to enter for today's BBT (9 dpo) I woke up at 545 and tested but fell asleep with the thermometer in my mouth and dunno if it fell out or not, it read 98.01 when I woke up 15 minutes later- at 6 and decided I should temp again and it was 98.51. Should I got with the latter temp, or maybe somewhere in the middle? haha I typically temp between 550-615 every morning.

THANKS in advance!
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