13 dpo temp dropped .46 after spiking on 11dpo

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13 dpo temp dropped .46 after spiking on 11dpo

Postby trine11 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:47 am

Hi - I'm new here. I broke the seal and decided to post because I got a very faint positive line with a FRER 10dpo. I mean it was VERY faint but my wife saw it as well and it was pinkish and showed up within the 3-5min window.
On top of that, my temp spiked .36 on 11dpo and then another rise 12dpo to .46, now back down to 98 on 13dpo. I'm going nuts. I am afraid to test again and holding off until at least tomorrow morning.
I do remember on the mornings of those two high temps I woke from having high stress dreams and wondered if that could be the cause of an elevated temp. 98 is my cover-line so I'm not giving up hope yet and wondering if those two high ones are just psyching me out.

Here is my chart:
(102.74 KiB) Not downloaded yet

ps I am using a known donor via AI with fresh sperm at home. This insem was early in the morning and he was in the next room so the transfer was nice and quick.
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