Update: HELP! Is this chart & test = BFP or just late AF?

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Update: HELP! Is this chart & test = BFP or just late AF?

Postby kruddlopez » Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:20 am

Below was my original post from the other day the day before my missed period - which should have been Friday 9/8/17 or 9/9/17 - here it is 9/11/17 & still no period, maintaining higher temps (what looks like higher temps to me) and I took this FRER test this morning - but I am just terrified it is indent line. Came up within first 2 minutes. I attached the test picture & my chart temps - ladies what do you think?????

Hi ladies,

So y'all helped me see that I most likely ovulated CD21 - which was August 29th - I attached my chart - I use Ovia to track everything & input my basal body temp - I also attached my chart - this is my first cycle charting - should I expect to see a temp drop tomorrow? That is my expected period or would I most likely see it today if I was going to start my period tomorrow? *I have a 31 day cycle religiously, very rarely it will be 32 days, which could possibly put my period for Saturday.

I guess in general, I am just looking for any possible insight on my chart haha, I am brand new to charting (TTC 2 years) but I have always expected I ovulated day 19-21 because of EW CM.

(I should note, my cervical position is very hard, closed but still realllly low)

Any advice welcomed!
Chart 9/11/17
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Test - FRER
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