Not sure about temp on chart..advice & support welcome!

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Not sure about temp on chart..advice & support welcome!

Postby kaytizate » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:23 am

I'm absolutely dieing here during another TWW! Help, support and advice from some fellow ladies would be much appreciated as my darling partner (although he tries and is very supportive) just does not get it!!
(Above is my chart!)

I was sick with a bacterial infection (and fever) when my cycle started and AF was here, so this explains my high temps at the beginning.

I have been reading about when to mark a temp shift and there is such conflicting advice. So on Kindara, where I chart my cycle, the advice is that the temp must raise by 0.2 celsius for 3 days before ovulation has occurred and then you mark the 3rd days as the temp shift and 1DPO. However, every other site I have read advises that a temp raise of 0.1 celsius that is sustained for a number of days marks when ovulation has occurred.

Looking at my chart, with the Kindara approach then I ovulated on Cycle Day 17. Yet according to everything else, I ovulated on Cycle Day 15. At the moment my cervix has moved from low and hard to high and soft for the last 2 days. I also have had a lot of CM (creamy / lotiony) since CD 15, that has not really dried up like it should before AF. I took a FREP yesterday (BFN) but I am sure that it was just way too early to be testing.

Normally my cycle varies between 24 - 28 days. Never more, never less. I am worried that I don't have enough progesterone and that's why my temps post ovulation are not really high. Although, a rise of 0.1 - 0.4 seems to be considered very normal from what I have been reading.

I am also worried that considering some of my periods are 24 days that I have a short luteal phase. Although on this point comparing my FitBit resting heart to these cycles (I used to use clue just to record length of my cycles when I wasn't TTC) it would appear that I ovulated very early in some short cycles but for other short cycles my RHR indicated ovulating late into the cycle with an 8/9 day luteal phase.

I am just starting to get so depressed about all of this. Our first child was our little susprise, now 6 years later (I'm 30 now) we have decided to have another one. I was so excited for TTC but the reality is that it is just a complete nightmare :/
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Re: Not sure about temp on chart..advice & support welcome!

Postby Danaa » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:03 am

According to ur temperature you ovulated on cd17 but you know ur body best and you know what you feel.
If you suspect low progesterone you can always get a progesterone cream and use it after you get a temp shift.
Ttc is a nightmare indeed...if you just started ttc I wouldn't go all out using opks and temping and just BD when I feel I'm close to ovuktion and I see fertile cm.
Good luck!
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Re: Not sure about temp on chart..advice & support welcome!

Postby RoloCat » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:44 am

I agree with Danaa. Looks like CD17 as O day to me, too. Especially with EWCM showing up that day (EWCM should not be present after O).

Is this your first month charting, or do you have several months of data? Your LP shouldn't change much from cycle-to-cycle, but O day can (and will) change. "Normal" LPs are between 11-15d. There's no need to worry about a short LP unless you are consistently charting a LP of less than 10d. Remember, too, that TTC can change EVERYTHING about your cycle, even if you don't mean/want it to. I had a very regular 31-32d cycle prior to TTC. While TTC, it ranged anywhere from 25-35d. I'm chalking it up to stress of TTC. My LP stayed constant at ~13d, with O occurring anywhere from CD12-CD20 in those months.

Looks like your app is predicting your period to show up on CD29, so that does not indicate a short LP to me. An LP of 11-12d is totally in the normal range. But just to be safe, don't worry if AF happens to be a little "late" this month... With an O date of CD17, you may not see AF until CD30 or CD31 this month.

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Re: Not sure about temp on chart..advice & support welcome!

Postby kaytizate » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:43 am

Thank you Dana & RoloCat! I really appreciate your response and advice :)

I took both of your advice and I have updated my chart so that 1day DPO is now CD18 instead of CD16 and Kindara has adapted AF to come on CD31, which would be so crazy late for me. Honestly, this never happens to me in all the years I have charted! I do agree though that the stress of TTC is probably affecting me.

The thing about the EWCM on CD 17 is that it was only a small bit of EWCM (found once after going to the bathroom) and the rest all day was creamy / lotion CM. It's just that Kindara choose to indicate / gave preference to the small amount of EWCM I logged that day instead of the higher logged amounts of the other CM. I had the majority of EWCM between CD12 - CD14 (but of course made sure to BD when I saw it on CD17!) I hope that my hearts were well placed anyway so that no matter when I ovulated that we still had a chance of conceiving.

I'm at CD25 now, I had some light cramping last night in bed but no AF. Usually, AF shows immediately when I badly cramp. I get pretty agonising period pains but never any cramping before my period starts. It may be TMI but as soon as I get those pains the flow is instantly heavy. So I am hoping that this is implantation cramps! Also my cervix has gone really high and soft but because this is my first month of deciding to chart temps and cervix position I don't know if this is normal for me :/

Here is my updated chart:
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