2nd Cycle charting BBT and SOOO confused!

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2nd Cycle charting BBT and SOOO confused!

Postby maariettc » Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:47 am

So last cycle my chart looked similar to what I would expect. I had researched what it should look like and mine seemed great. Some dips and spikes because I was still getting used to BBTing correctly but overall a solid chart. Everything lined up with my positive OPKs and the cycle went just as I would have expected. THIS CYCLE - my base temps have been higher than they were last month and I had a few spikes pre-ovulation which are equaling my now "post-ovulation" numbers. (If i've even ovulated) I don't know if I am maybe having an annovulatory cycle? I am supposidly 3dpo but my temp has stayed exactly the same for 3 days straight. I am stuck at 97.5. I did get a positive OPK on cycle day 26,27, and 28 And my temp dipped on CD28 and then went up CD29 and like I said has not budged for 3 days.
Last cycle pre ovulation temps were 97.0 with some dips to 96.89/90 range and some spikes in the 97.1 range. Then I got a positive OPK they dipped to 96.63 and then spiked to 97.7 and kept going up.
This cycle pre ovulation temps have been ALL over the place, but some as high as 97.5 and one or two as low as 97.0 averaging around 97.2, then I had a dip to 97.14 and a spike to 97.5 where it has stayed for 3 days. So confused. Here's this months chart, doesn't even look like I ovulated. But 3 days of very very positive OPKS.
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