Chart after IUD-- pregnant? period?

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Chart after IUD-- pregnant? period?

Postby KatyinDC » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:39 am

Please take a look at my chart!! I had my IUD removed 3.5 weeks ago -- still no period and no positive pregnancy test. I ovulated a day or two before removal but my cycle still hasn't ended and my temps remain high.

I had a dip yesterday-- not sure if it was an implantation dip, ovulation dip or a signal that period is coming soon?

I started tracking sex a week ago just in case I get pregnant, so I can know when it happened. I also started taking OPKs again so that I could see if I had a positive test-- no positive OPK again. I took a few pregnancy tests which were all negative.

So clueless. this happen to anyone else?
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