What could this all mean?

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What could this all mean?

Postby Avi Maria » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:34 am

Hi Everyone,
I reently have begun to chart my cycles usuing my BBT and I got an unusal cycle compared to my other two. This cycle looks to have a secondary rise. I know it's still a llittle early to tell if it's possibly pregnancy, but this is so much better and hopeful than my previous months. My other two cylces I ovulated on the 16th day (acording to my online charting) and had a Luteal phase of 10 days the first month and 11 days the secod month. I am now on day 12 of my third cycle. Normally my BBTwill only get to 98.4 at the highest ( but according to my other charts would have tapered off to a lower temp by now). This month the highst is 98.67. I ovulated on the 13th day this month (according to my chart) My temps stayed low at no higher than 98.1 until the 20th day and it weent to 98.2. Then 98.4 for two days and then 98.3. Followed by 98.6 and then today at 98.67.
What do you all think? Do I have a riht to be very hopeful or hould I keep my cool for a few more days? Any advise woud be welcome. Thank you!
Avi Maria
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