Hot mess of a chart

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Hot mess of a chart

Postby Trixie120 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:17 am

New here and looking for some help with my FF chart. this is my first month charting and I'm worried that either I didn't O, or I've been doing my temping all wrong.

But, I'm also holding out hope that someone can make sense of this. If you disregard the crazy low temp on the 13th, I got High OPK's on 13 and 14 and then Peak on 15, so am hoping O was the 16th or 17th. Could that be the 'spiked' temp on the 17th? If so, should I be interpreting the following temps as also 'high'? They seem to be more average to me which is part of what I'm confused about. TIA!
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Re: Hot mess of a chart

Postby RoloCat » Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:29 pm

For temping to be accurate, you need to do it at approximately the same time every day, after at least 4hrs of uninterrupted sleep, and before you get out of bed. A lot of people set an alarm for 5-6a, take their temp, then go back to sleep. LOL I always woke up early to pee, so I'd just do it then.

With the spiking of temps on your chart, it really is hard to say. General rule of thumb is 6+3 (three days of temps that are all higher than the previous six) to indicate ovulation (last day of low temps). The high temp on CD17 is kind of odd... why is it an open circle? If I discard that temp, by temps alone O could have been CD19, but the fertile CM that you saw on CD20 would probably argue against that (you should not have fertile CM after O). Temps are rising right now, so just keep at it. My guess it that you'll get crosshairs on either CD20 or CD21 in a few days as long as temps keep rising (looks like you kept BD'ing so that base is covered). You might want to go ahead and toss the temp on CD17 and see what FF thinks...

FYI: it is not out of the ordinary to get a positive opk but not actually ovulate. I always kept taking opks until I got cross hairs on FF just to be sure. The month of my bfp, I had two sets of positive opks almost a week apart. Ovulated after the second positive set, 7days after the first positive test.

[edited to add: how long are your cycles normally? A "typical" LP will be 11-15d. For years, I thought I had a 16d LP based on consistent symptoms--mild cramping on one side exactly 16d prior to AF arrival every month, which I assumed was ovulation (I could always tell which side I ovulated from based on those cramps). Once I started charting, realized I had a 13d LP, and those cramps came 2-3d prior to ovulation.]

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Re: Hot mess of a chart

Postby Trixie120 » Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:27 am

Thanks RoloCat! Since I wasn't sure about the CM those two days I deleted that and disregarded the high temp on 17 and got crosshairs on the 16th which would be in line w/ my OPK's. I hope that's right as that's what we were BDing more consistently. If this is right I'm 7DPO. Fingers crossed and thanks again!
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