Ovulation after nuvaring removal?

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Ovulation after nuvaring removal?

Postby amandacollins91 » Wed May 16, 2018 7:58 pm

So i removed my nuvaring on april 28 and started my period on may 2 just like i would on my usual 7 day break. Only after this break i didnt put another one in.

I figured i wouldnt ovulate this cycle because last time it took 2-3 cycles befor i started ovulating and i know that it isn’t uncommon to have a couple annovulatory cycles afterward. I know that their isn’t alot of data on my chart because i wasnt really planning on charting this cycle, but i was wondering if, from my current chart does it look like i ovulated? I ask this because i had a strange 3 day plateau of my temps as well as some light bleeding that is slightly heavier then spotting. It is similar to what one might get the first day of a period. however, it slows down to nothing and picks up a bit again. Any interpretation on my chart is appreciated. Thank you!

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