Did I ovulate? All signs there - no temp rise...

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Did I ovulate? All signs there - no temp rise...

Postby MadCow » Wed Oct 17, 2007 10:24 am

Wondered if some of you could look over my chart and post your thoughts...

I usually O around CD12 or CD13 and have a 26 day cycle.

EWCM was a bit strange as it started early (or so I thought) and was on and off. I have been taking FM tabs and they have been helping to give me 4 or 5 days EWCM but all together from around CD10.

I have had a cold recently, which is why my temps went up early on for a couple of mornings. Someone said that disturbed night's sleep may have caused low temps over the past few days. I haven't been aware of a particularly bad night's sleep.

Any help/advice appreciated.
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