Grrrr...not happy.

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Grrrr...not happy.

Postby KyrinM » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:59 am

Well I had my Essure removal surgery 2 weeks ago, since I had to fly out to Florida from Idaho the plan was to put in dissolving sutures. Guess who fucked that up?

So now I am pretty pissed off, because now my body is trying to eject the non dissolving sutures, but when you have 3 inches of it to pull out & a knot at one end not letting you pull it from the end you can reach, big problem. I now have a new opening along my incision line where I suspect the other knot is at, & am probably going to have to see the doctor to have them root around to dig it out. Not happy at this point.

I am calling them tomorrow and chewing them out, in my opinion they should have to pay the doctor I go see to fix this & I am going to demand that they do. I am currently without health insurance, previous was through my employer & I had to quit so I had the time to do this surgery. My employer is the kind who would never have allowed me the time off unless I used vacation & I didn't have 4 weeks worth of vacation, you have to work there 10 years for that.

So now when my incision should be just about fully healed, I have a new opening along the incision & my body is seeping fluid from the irritation of the sutures as well. All I need right now is an infection which this new development leaves me open to, I am not very happy with them right now.
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Postby shanessa91 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:30 am

Totally unprofessional. Give them hell Kyrin!!! :x Don't you have enough to worry about not to have to worry about a professional being able to do their jobs effectively!! Jeez
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