Post Chemical....Is this Normal?

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Post Chemical....Is this Normal?

Postby Janovich » Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:09 am

Morning Ladies...just checking if what i'm going through is pretty much the 'norm' after what i strongly suspect to be a chemical cycle last month.

My ususal scenario is heavy/medium bleeding for 3 days or so. I bled quite heavily for 2 days, then stopped for a day,..then had a light red blood/mucus when i wiped a couple of times on cd4,..then a brown discharge until today (cd6). Have had dull aches/pains and twinges in the lower abdomin and what feels like 'sore ovaries' for want of a better description since last Friday evening, (I usually get pains the evening before or even just an hour before AF arrives in a morning).

Feel a little better today though. I'm OK as regards the very early loss,... just wasn't meant to be i guess. Temps are back down to the normal range of the 36.3/4's.

It's just so hard when i only see my fella at weekends and we're both so tired anyway!! I always have to hope/pray that my ovulation comes on a saturday or a sunday, which is a bit of a bummer... Ah well,..not much i can do about that i suppose... just have to keep 'having a go'!
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Re: Post Chemical....Is this Normal?

Postby shanessa91 » Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:01 am

Hi Janovich;

I have had a few m/c including some chemicals early last year. My cycle after the first one was Light, medium, heavy, medium, light. The second was light,medium, medium, light, light which is my normal flow cycle. So you see, I don't think there is no normal after a chemical. I guess it depends upon how much of a lining was accumulated before the pregnancy stopped. Hope this is helpful. :hugs:
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Re: Post Chemical....Is this Normal?

Postby Leigh13 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:01 pm

My only post chemical difference is the following cycle is a week longer. Though the watery brown sounds familiar too...
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