It's Wonderful NOT having pains all the time!!

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Re: It's Wonderful NOT having pains all the time!!

Postby Janovich » Thu Feb 21, 2013 2:36 am

Morning Ladies... well thank you so much for the fingers and toes and legs and everything else crossed, but today my temp dropped again and this morning i wiped away a little brown/mucusy discharge, so looks like she's on her way. The pains started up again last night, although milder than normal.

So just waiting for her to show her face with a vengance Ladies.

Oh and FF changed my ovulation this morning again!!!,..for the 4th time back to CD14. On CD13 the night before i got the pre-ov pains and although i got the pain again on CD14 there were alot milder. I think the egg popped on CD14 during the day as had fleeting ov pains again around lunchtime, massive amounts of EWCM and as it was a Friday i just didn't make it down to my fella in time and missed the egg... :?

Seems i have a typical 13 day LP and last month when i hit ov bang on the head, the pains were so different for me personally through the TWW towards the end. My stomach tightened up which was the big 'unusual' one for me,...that's why i knew the suspected Chemical had happened.

My OH's swimmers obviously works better very very close to ovulation it seems.

Just sucks when i even know by looking at this nex cycle i'm gonna pop an eggie mid bloody week i bet! Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh..

OK,...calming thoughts,..... take it easy Jan,...there's naff all i can do really i guess as i can't keep taking time off to get down there on potential ovulation days.. i'll have no holidays left by June!

Right....rant over with now....

Have a good day all of you..

Janovich x
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