Femvue HSG test and results

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Femvue HSG test and results

Postby Noregrets » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:31 pm

Hi girls,

I just wanted to update and share my Femvue experience. It was a last minute decision to do the test since I am already on CD7. We just needed to know one way or another and we didn't want to drag it on another cycle. We figured if my tubes are blocked or if we find other problems in there then we would just close that chapter of our lives and focus on the two kids we already have.

An hour before the procedure I was told to take Azithromycin and a pain killer. By the time we got to the clinic my stomach was on fire! So now I am thinking great stomach upset on top of cramps. :doh: I was a nervous wreck.
RE walked in and took one look at me and he proceeded to spend some time explaining the procedure and reassuring me. So between the doctor, a nurse, an assistant and DH we had a full house.

Doc started by showing us my uterus which he was very happy to see normal size and shape and free of fibroids. Next he showed us my ovaries. Right side has 6 follicles and left has nine. The largest was 13mm. He was happy to see 15 total... said it was good for my age. At that point he removed the ultrasound wand and inserted the syringe and catheter. That was the most uncomfortable part... I had some cramping but tolerable. But before I could focus on the pain the nurse started injecting water and then air and the doc got so excited pointing at the screen telling us to follow "the burst of sunshine" because my Fallopian tubes were wide open.

So all in all the procedure was not bad. I do have some red bleeding but he said that is normal and for me to call if i see clots or spike a fever.

So thus far everything has came back normal for us.
My estradiol level was 43.7
FSH 6.1
HSG Femvue normal (no blocked tubes, no fibroids, etc)


Density 77mil
Volume 3.5
Total count 269.5 mil
Motility 48% is Borderline but the count makes up for it.

So this leaves us with old eggs as the possible cause for not getting pregnant. Doc said that we can try 3 cycles of IUI but I am not sure if I even want to do that. Will have to discuss with DH so we can figure out our next step.
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Re: Femvue HSG test and results

Postby 10thtimearound » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:44 am

Not a pleasant experience (at least not for me lol) Nice everything is open and good to go!! I hope you see your BFP soon!!
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