Failed Implantation spotting?

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Failed Implantation spotting?

Postby Noregrets » Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:34 pm

Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

So yesterday at 9 dpo I tested negative in the morning. Then by the afternoon I started spotting brown. By night time it was pink with some cramping. Woke up this morning with more pink then brown spotting. And major hot flashes.

Had my acupuncture appointment and Dr said sounds like I have symptoms of low estrogen during the second half of my cycle. This could impact the uterus linning thus no implantation. He also said spotting before period can be normal if that is my pattern, but it's not. I might spot for a day but not five days. Then he asked if this has ever happened and I realized yes! September 2009 we were flying back east for my best friend's wedding. I remember being upset that my period started 5 days early. But then DH thought it was stress because I am petrified of flying. Anyway, that cycle I spotted for 5 days and then I had my period for another 5 days.

He gave me some herbal meds to help with that. So we shall see.
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Re: Failed Implantation spotting?

Postby TTCnumber2at42 » Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:40 am

I've never heard of this. Sysmptoms of low estogen include:
•Hot flashes (you have this)
•Night sweats
•Vaginal dryness
•Loss of libido
•Mood swings

You have the hot flashes as you mentioned but what about the other ones? Can you get a blood test from docstor to see if it is your estrogen levels? I know after 40 your progesterone decreases naturally and that effects implantation (or the lack there of).

Have you read this article: ... levels.htm
It has some good info and this article talks about estrogen imbalance treatments that may help: ... tments.htm. Personally I look at the things I can control whether it be diet, supplements, etc. then I look at perscriptions as a last resort, but that's just me
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Re: Failed Implantation spotting?

Postby Second_Chance » Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:04 am

No regrets- 9DPO could very easily be implantation bleeding....

another thought, I had some mid cycle bleeding a couple of months ago and it was actually from low thyroid function, so if you havent had your thyroid checked maybe something you want to check into.
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Re: Failed Implantation spotting?

Postby Noregrets » Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:39 pm


I in addition to hotflashes, had anxiety, mood swings and loss of libido. But this is only temporary... maybe for 3 days each month. So not sure what to make of this. I suppose I could ask to get my estrogen level checked.

My CD 21 Progesterone level as 18 which he said is excellent. I eat 90% organic, I juice and make smoothies. I don't eat much meat much and I try to eat as much live foods as possible. I am about 70% gluten free (it's hard to cut gluten out completely so I do cheat). I'm also about 80% dairy free as well. But I do all this not b/c of TTC but due to fighting Lyme Disease.


I never get implantation bleeding. So that was never my symptom. :( We check my thyroid regularly due to Lyme Disease and that has been fine. I really think the spotting was from my body flushing out the old blood.

I had another acupuncture appointment and the Dr. was very happy about my temps. He said my LP is a dream. I guess my temps were exactly where he wants them. In addition, I had the most productive AF since my early 30s! I normally have light AF for 2 days, medium for one and then spot for another 3. This month... after those weird brown/black spotting for a few days... on 13 DPO I had light flow. Then heavy bright red blood for 3 days after that. At first I was a little freaked out then I remembered this was how it was when I was younger. No more dark clots... just very nice flow. So hopefully that means more fresh blood flow to the uterus. Let's see what next month brings. I'm only on CD 4. This is going to be a long 10 days before I O!
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Re: Failed Implantation spotting?

Postby 10thtimearound » Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:14 am

I agree a blood tests will tell you if it is a issue.
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