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TTC in our fabulous forties!

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New here :)

Postby 39andtrying » Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:31 pm

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 39 (40 in a 2 months) and this is the first time I'm TTC. I figured I"m close enough to 40 to put myself into this category. I've spent the past hour or so pouring over posts and reading info online. I'm new to all the lingo but I'm catching on quick....I think? :)

Just quick background on me: I'm 39. I have an great relationship but husband was nervous about TTC before we had our own house. Said he would worry too much. We bought a house in 2013 and within a week, he was talking babies. So, I guess he really did just need the house to feel officially settled (personally, I'm even more scared now with the mortgage to pay!)

We have been only trying for about a month or two. Before that we used protection and stopped in Sept 2013. I didn't pay much to dates/cycles/temperatures/risks/etc because we were just settling into the house and getting used to the idea. Finally, in January, after reading some sites, I saw all the stats on just how hard it can be to get pregnant. I have to say, now that I realize how difficult it might be, I want a baby more than ever :/ I never realized the age impact and since I don't FEEL 39, I never paid much attention.

OB/GYN is aware and I told her (in Oct) that we were going to try and she didn't think I would have a problem. She had a child at 39 with no issues, so she thinks I will be okay. I don't have that faith, so I turned to the internet to take some more control. This is the first month I paid attention to ovulation. I used Clearblue Ovulation kit - got low/no ovulation for 4 days (tested 1x/day). We had "practice sex" 1x/day anyway - just for the fun of it :) That monday (day 4 of Clearblue and day of expected ovulation) I read you shouldn't test early in the morning - so I tested at 3pm, even though I got low/no ovulation earlier in the day. Suddenly, I had a big smiley face (peak ovulation). Due to our schedules, we weren't able to try that night - very disappointed. Work got in the way. We did it the next day and for another 2 days (more "practice").

I'm guessing we missing our window of opportunity, so I'm prepping for next month. Are there any things I should definitely do, eat, take?
So far, we have healthy diets (have had for a few years now. Not a lot of processed food), recently cut out caffeine - not by choice, due to my husband's insomnia, taking prenatal and DHA, stopped using lubricant, more frequent sex.

I never paid too much attention to my ovulation cycle - but I definitely have twinges around the time I am supposed to ovulate. Pretty sure I felt them on 2/24 (the day I expected to ovulate and the day of the smiley face on the ovulation test) and definitely on 2/25.

I have been reading about charting and I looked in 3 drug stores, I can't find a basal thermometer. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. The posts here have been so informative and I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

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Re: New here :)

Postby Sunshine7357 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:12 pm

Hello there :-). I'm 41 and TTC my 4th and last :-). I can give you a few pointers but not sure about the temping. I think as long as you have a good thermometer and temp right at bedside in the am (prior to drinking/eating) and relatively at the same time every day it should be pretty accurate. Also, making love during ovulation and manually having an "O" after sex (the contractions of a female orgasm can pull the sperm in deeper fe longevity), this worked for me the first month I had my daughter at 31. :-))
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Re: New here :)

Postby justhoping2 » Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:25 pm

hello, im turning 42 in three weeks...and ttc for three plus yrs we just now getting help..

not everyone has problems ...i would use the opks do what your doing...but do it every other day instead of every hubby time for his sperm to build back up..

also take a pilllow after the dead and put under ur hips for 20 minutes...long wait but worth it....u should also try preseed..helps the inside of you for the sperm to live better in there..

is he on a multi vit? If not he should go on one...

other then those basics your basically at the beginning and no reason to think that it cant happen :)

I wouldnt try more then this right now for a few months at here if you ever want to chit chat :) and im new here too..

gl and talk to you soon
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Re: New here :)

Postby happygirl74 » Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:14 pm

Hi! I am also 39 ttc number 2. I had my dd at 31 andhave been ttc off and on for three years. Although I ovulate on my own, I'm on my fifth round of femara. I had a chemical back last year and took some time off. Good luck and let me know if I can help.
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Re: New here :)

Postby suzy4you » Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:57 am

Hey there, welcome! I got my basal thermometer at Target, but I would imagine any pharmacy (RiteAid, CVS) would have them as well. Ask the pharmacist next time you go in :) They are extremely helpful in verifying that you ovulated. Even though your LH surges, you want to make sure that egg kicked out and it's nice to see the temp rise a day or two after. I have been trying for a year now and just 9 days ago did our first IUI. In the two week wait, one down, one to go and i am just going to wait it out instead of obsessively testing, even though I REALLY want to! We didn't use any meds this time, hoping just getting it there will be enough. Dealing with low count and motility on hubby's end and of course my age. Although my tests have all been positive, ultrasounds show good follicles too. Good luck to you, there is certainly a process and learning curve which was soooo different from my last three, all I had to do is think pregnant back then and i was!! #4 will be our last, his first, so I am hoping, praying, that we will get there this cycle!!
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