Cycle changes at 41? or could I be Pregnant?

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Cycle changes at 41? or could I be Pregnant?

Postby dragnflymomma » Thu Apr 17, 2014 8:46 am

My husband and I are TTC #2. My DS is 9 yo. We got pregnant last year but I suffered a miscarriage at almost 9 weeks. We took a break until the beginning of this year but have not been temping or charting, just doing the deed when we feel like it. I guess you can say we are not "trying" (as in making myself crazy with checking CP, Cm and temps etc) but not preventing. Husband is 57 I am 41.
This month has been a strange one for me because for the first time in my life my period was short and did not have any large clots (sorry if TMI). I was supposed to start on the 11th, at the very earliest, and the 22nd at the very latest but started spotting on Thursday (the 10th) and really didn't have any flow until Friday morning. Friday and Saturday I had flow (medium and not as heavy as I am used to) and then Sunday morning it slowed down to nothing and from Sunday to Weds I had hardly anything (I use a Diva cup so it is difficult to say how much but since the cup never had anything but a few drops to about a tsp in it I would say I spotted). Then yesterday I thought I started flowing again but it was just more spotting for about 2 hours or so. Didn't even really need a pad or the cup. This sort of follows my cycle pattern as I have flow for about 2 1/2-3 days then I stop for 1-2 days then flow for another 2 days. Usually the second half of my cycle I have cramps with clots (sorry again for TMI).
Now, nothing. I still keep feeling like I am flowing but then go to the bathroom and wipe and there is nothing there or there is the slightest about of pink. I don't have any other symptoms other than the possible nausea, but then again, that could be caused by anxiety from me thinking about all of this, so I am wondering if it is just my age or not. My husband keeps telling me to stop worrying about it. It is either my age or something else and worrying about it doesn't help. But I am the kind of person that wants to know the "why" of everything.
If I am not pregnant then why is my period shorter all of a sudden? Could eating too much sugar cause a shorter period? (I was eating more than usual before this cycle.
I don't have the money to go to the doctor every time I have a sniffle or a hiccup and don't want to jump the gun on this thinking that there is something wrong when it could just be my body changing.
Anyone else have shorter periods (not in the length of the days between them but in how many days of flow you have) as you have gotten older? My mother didn't go through menopause this early and when she did, she complained of heavier periods and bleeding all the time (If I remember correctly it was 3 weeks out of the month she bled) not shorter periods. Any support or help is appreciated. I am driving my husband crazy with all these questions....he doesn't get it. I would talk to my friends or my mom but if the reason I have a crazy cycle this month is because I am pregnant I want to keep it to myself for 3 months or more because of the miscarriage last year. Talking about it will just bring on more questions about "Did you ever find out what the cause was?" "What ever happened with your period? Did it level out this month?" You know what I mean, right? Thanks in advance for any insight. I am not getting my hopes up on this one. I just can't find much on line about shorter duration periods in 40+ women without coming across things that have absolutely nothing to do with my situation.
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