progesterone question

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progesterone question

Postby moomoo30 » Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:16 am

Haven't been really trying the last two months. But this past month I tried some over the counter progesterone cream and my period was alot better. This month I used it again and I am still on it. Supposed to start tomorrow and we actively tried this month. I know I need to stay on the cream if I am preggo till 12 weeks. But if I am not preggo will I still get my period? I know sometimes it can delay it for a few days but if im not I will still get my period righy? I just dont want to stay on it for two weeks amd not be pregnant then mess up my cycle even more. Long story on why I started it myself. But it has worked wonders. Juat wondering if anyone else has used the cream and what they have done. No positive pregnancy test as of yet. Thank u.
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