IVF - follicles don't grow, high FSH - 2

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IVF - follicles don't grow, high FSH - 2

Postby Milena2002 » Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:08 pm

Will post here, maybe ladies over 40 will respond...
Trying natural cycle IVF (little or no meds, aiming to retrieve one egg per cycle). This is my third cycle. First - no egg retrieved, egg ruptured during the procedure; second: one egg, one embryo, frozen on day 2; third attempt: something strange is going on and I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts that would help me understand what's going on/ what to expect. My D4 results were: Estrogen 31.5; FSH 26.7; LH 12.4; Progesterone 0.5
Usually my FSH was between 17 and 20, so 26 seems pretty bad and it looks like my reproductive system continues to deteriorate... When I came for monitoring on day 8, I have only 3-4 small follicles growing (4 mm), and my results are Estrogen: 24.5 pg/mL; FSH: 46.2 mIU/mL; LH: 23.1 mIU/mL; Progesterone: 0.4 ng/mL. They also saw a small cyst in one ovary.
The doctor told me to come back in one week, which would be my CD14. They don't think my follicles would grow and just want to check on me. I'm trying to understand what to expect. Is this all downhill from here? I've been told I am peri menopausal; I have diminished reserve (AMH undetectable), etc. But I've been getting my period regularly, every 23-25 days; overall no menopausal signs, I'm 38 y.o. Anyone had to deal with anything like that? I'm doing supplements, DHEA, etc and weekly acupuncture. Thank you!
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