Should I stop certain supplements in 2WW?

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Should I stop certain supplements in 2WW?

Postby FGW » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:38 am

Hi there,

I was wondering if any of you have a POV if I should cut my dosages or stop any of the following during my 2WW, which starts tomorrow or Wednesday (my doctor won't advise anything except the Prenatal and some additional Vit D since I'm a bit deficient):

Ubiquinol - 400mg/day taken in 2 doses

Prenatal - obviously keep taking (w/ 800 mcg Folate)

FertileCM - which is basically a combo of L-Arginine, 5% Calcium, and 159% Vitamin C

Vitamin D - 2500mg/day

Calcium - 500mg/day

Magnesium - 250mg/day

Vit B Complex (multiple B's - Vitamin Code Raw Food, 2x/day)

Guaifenesin 1200 mg (at night - I have very little EWCM each month - usually just watery and minimal). I'm stopping this Wednesday, and started when my estradiol started to rise (blinking smiley faces on OPK, 3 days prior to my LH surge on Sunday).

I don't want to do anything to harm conception or development from Day 1, so happy to take any advice!


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Re: Should I stop certain supplements in 2WW?

Postby FosterMom » Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:35 am

I'm sorry no one replied here, but all looks good.I would lessen the dose of Guaifenesen though to no more than 100mg....I take it you are trying to sway girl? Otherwise it will definitely make conceiving harder. Know that we have a 20% chance of ttc at all, and I can tell you by experience...that swaying girl is MUCH harder in the long run. I swayed in 2013 after 4 boys and got my girl... and never really went off the diet because I thought maybe we would try again..and we did...and all the acidic foods destroyed my EWCM and gave the V a chemical peel. YES....a CHEMICAL PEEL!!! SO...I decided to stop ttc altogether and switched back to alkaline body has never been happier! I will tell you though....the B vitamins will not help in swaying girl. YOu are better off eating a Greek Yogurt Raspberry by Oikos every night before bed....BAMMO....low pH. God Luck!

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