42, Any IUI Success Stories In The 40's?

TTC in our fabulous forties!

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42, Any IUI Success Stories In The 40's?

Postby MamaPossible2010 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:35 am

I know chances decrease with age, especially by this point. I may feel like a 20 year old, but my eggs are still 42 no matter how I feel (WAHHHH!) It feels so not fair, but, I did back to back IUI's with my 3 daughters (a singleton with a very early vanished twin) and healthy twin girls, but that was at 29 & 34. IDK if that's gonna work, and my hubby is no longer working (he's older than me, got forced into retirement) so IVF.. I don't know if we could afford it. Certainly not anytime soon, and our old insurance through his work at that time gave us THREE FREE IVF TRIES!!! It was incredible insurance, and I felt so bad I couldn't give those away to my TTC friends in need. Now when I may need it, doesn't appear that any of that stuff is covered from what I am reading, and we are far from rich. I don't think it's fair for money to stand in the way of peoples' dreams. INFERTILITY SHOULD BE TREATED AS AN ILLNESS, IT'S NOT COSMETIC AND SHOULD BE FULLY COVERED FOR ALL. We don't choose infertility, it chose us. That always got me so mad. Sorry to ramble.

Anybody have IUI success stories, since we have never protected, me and dh and never conceived on our own, and we are talking 16 years so we nailed a lot of of ovulations, but IUI always worked like a charm! Anybody going thru the process right now or did in their 40's? What was the outcome.

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