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BFP at 11 DPO, no symptoms

Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:58 am

I got my first ever BFP yesterday, followed by a darker on this morning. I was completely positive that I was out this month. I had a short luteal phase last month (which hopefully doesn't mean that I will have progesterone issues with this pregnancy) and my temps were looking pretty much identical at 9 DPO. I would have literally laid serious money on not being pregnant!

On a whim yesterday I decided to test, thinking it was strange that AF didn't come after my temp drop...and was seriously shocked to see a :bfp:

My temp went way up this morning, but I still don't really have any symptoms...just creamy CM, which is pretty normal for me throughout the luteal phase.

I go to the Dr. tomorrow to make sure progesterone levels are good. I'm cautiously optimistic about having a little baby around December 27, 2012. Yay!

Here's my chart:

Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:34 am

Congrats again!

See? Your temp is going up. :) That makes your chart prettier than mine, LOL! Mine stayed at 98.2 again today and didn't go up...can't say I wasn't a little worried, haha. But then I just tried to remember that by this time if I wasn't pg, my temp would be like 97.5 or something. But still. I was like, why didn't it go up?!

Then I got up and took some more tests. The $tree test, you could see the second line start to show at 30 seconds.

The Answer soon as the pee passed over the second line, you could see it. At 15 seconds. It ended up darker than the control line.

Guess my little bean just likes to be right at 98.2, LOL :mrgreen:

Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:39 am

Thanks! You too! If all goes well we will both have little Christmas babies :)

I was definitely relieved when my temp went up this morning. I took another two tests with FMU and they were darker than yesterday and came up pretty fast.

I think I'm going to stop temping since all the experienced expectant moms say that it can unnecessary stress. I made an appointment for a blood test tomorrow and I'm going to have them check my progesterone levels just to be safe. I had a 9 day LP last month, which is why I was worried about the low temp and lack of sore BBs.

How are you feeling today? I'm having trouble getting any work done!!

Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:40 am

Oops. I forgot that I'd written basically the same thing about the progesterone and LP in the first phase. Sorry for the redundancy! So many posts to keep up with!!

Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:31 pm

CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH...I always received my :bfp: today and I'm still in shock. This was my 4th cycle and 5th month trying. I received my :bfp: on a $tree test and got a strong positive and then took another on a ept test and received another positive. Af isn't due til the 21st. So I figured id just test again and again to watch the line get darker. I'm excited, nervous, optimistic, and all the above. Going to set me an app. tomorrow to confirm. All I used was opk's and pre seed. I never really grasp the concept to charting my temp. Good luck and a sticky bean to you both!

Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:27 pm

jantegurl, Thanks so much, and congrats to you too! How exciting! I got my first positive on a Dollar Tree test too. It was a little faint and I didn't believe it, LOL. I'm so excited/happy/nervous too, but I think I'm still in shock! Good luck to you too! :)

dragonbaby, it's all good, I keep losing track of my posts too, haha. I was gonna temp till 18DPO since I've read that if your temp is up that long then you're definitely pregnant, but I don't think I'm gonna go that long anymore. Probably until Friday, which is when I plan to call the midwife I want to go with to set up an appt. Unless the midwife's office wants me to go in for a blood test to confirm, I'm not going to, because my PCP is very judgemental, and I really don't want to deal with her lecturing me. -__- As for the progesterone levels, I think checking to be safe is good. I don't know if I've mentioned it before (again, hard to keep track of my posts, LOL), but I work in labor & delivery at my local hospital, and I've seen many women who've had to get shots for low progesterone, and they've had perfectly fine and lovely little babies. :)

As for how I'm feeling...definitely having trouble getting work done too! I can't seem to think of anything else, haha. I'm starting to get more symptoms too. I woke up a tiny bit nauseous, but it went away as soon as I ate. And (TMI ALERT) I keep alternating between constipation and diarrhea, which really SUCKS. Also, those sore boobs that everyone's been talking about that I haven't felt? Yeah, sore now. Especially on the sides. And my nipples hurt to be touched. Fun stuff, haha. How about you?

Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:30 pm

Thanks and congrats to you too, jantegurl!

hotlikemexico, you don't need to take judgement from anyone, especially not from someone who is supposed to be helping you prepare for your baby. You should find a doctor or midwife that supports you completely. Judgement should not be a part of pregnancy, but I know how you feel. My dad and some of the other important people in my life (not my DH, thankfully!!) think I should be focusing on my career right now and have said things like "Oh, you better not get pregnant for a while!!" I feel that I can do both, but I'm not really looking forward to telling those who I know will have something negative to say to me about it. I'm trying to put their judgement aside, be positive, and focus on what is important!

As for physical feelings, I tossed and turned all night! I just couldn't get comfortable in any position other than on my back because I felt really bloated. I've got lots of creamy CM, I seem to get hungry sooner after eating and my BBs are looking fuller than usual (though not very sore).

Headed to the Dr. in about an hour. Fingers crossed for some good news!

Have either of you posted on any of the pregnancy boards? It would be fun to keep our dialogue going. Maybe we can start up a "due in late December" post?

Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:56 pm

dragonbaby, that's exactly why I'm not going to go for a confirmation blood and/or pee test at my PCP's office. I don't want to deal with her comments. The midwife I'm going to see is awesome, though. :) I can't wait for my first appt! I'm going to call on Friday morning.

And totally feel you on the family judgemental thing. I think people are way too quick to judge and tell people when the "right" time to have a baby is, which is completely different for everybody. I'm afraid my parents are going to disown me. -__- My mother a) thinks I shouldn't have kids before the age of 30 and b) thinks I need to be graduated/well into a career/married first. I'll be 23 a week from today, so I already missed the mark pretty far with her first requirement. I have a great job (as does my BF), great health insurance (my delivery will be 100% covered!), a nice, big apartment with a room for the baby, and I'll be done with school in early December, but none of that will be good enough for my parents because it's not what THEY see as an ideal time to have a baby. As for the married part, my BF and I talked about it before we started TTC and decided that we'd rather get married a little later, with older children, so they can be part of the wedding, and see how much mommy and daddy really love each other. :) So yeah, needless to say, I completely dread telling my family. :( We just told my BF's mom and sister today, though, and they both screamed and are so excited! I'm glad at least one family is happy :)

dragonbaby2012 wrote: As for physical feelings, I tossed and turned all night! I just couldn't get comfortable in any position other than on my back because I felt really bloated. I've got lots of creamy CM, I seem to get hungry sooner after eating and my BBs are looking fuller than usual (though not very sore).

This describes me EXACTLY!!! I got no more than four straight hours of sleep last night. I kept waking up and couldn't get comfortable, it was awful. I'm so bloated as well - it looks like my belly is 11-12 weeks now, instead of 4 weeks! And yesterday at work, I felt REALLY wet (like how it feels when AF starts) and I ran to the bathroom freaking out, expecting to find blood. Turns out it was just massive amounts of creamy/wet CM. I almost cried from relief, LOL.

As for the pregnancy boards here, they have a different board for ladies due each month. I've been posting over there in the December due dates board, you should come join! :) My login from here didn't work though, so I had to make another account. I just used the same username.

Also, how did the dr appt go?
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