Spotting day period is due

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Spotting day period is due

Postby Hottie » Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:53 pm

Hi I have a question for you ladies that got a positive test recently. I was suppose to start my period today. But, today I had what I think people call spotting. Could I still be pregnant? How do I know if this is just a light period ? Or pregnancy? Did anyone else have spotting and still end up pregnant? I don't mean to be disgusting but how much spotting? I wouldn't consider this bleeding a period. Only ended up on pad when I wiped. Thanks for your help! I left a message for my RE office but they didn't call me back. Afraid to test. Last test was negative 9-10 days post ovulation. I had a Iui on April 4. 29 day regular cycles! Thanks !I was suppose to go in for a blood test today if I didn't start? Did I start or not? I'm confused and making my poor bf crazy! Help!
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