please help!

Please post your BFP chart as an image in this forum!

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please help!

Postby mrsjohnson » Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:27 pm

only 1st cycle TTC #2 but I'm totally bumming out now b/c I've been hoping for a BPF so much...well, you all know the feeling. Anyways, been charting with FF this month, and during follicular phase my temps were everywhere (It's been four years since I temped- I forgot it had to be at the same time every day *doh!*.) anyways, I got that sorted out and the last few before O and then on are fine. I got + OPKs on CD 15 (faint, but +) and 16 (not faint!) then I quit taking OPKs because...I was out of them. I never got crosshairs on my chart. I'm now 11 DPO- or so I thought- and I was just discarding some of the wonky temps from pre-O and finally- crosshairs! However FF calculated my O date to be 2 days after I thought it was :(
This is terrible news, as we were swaying for a girl and last BD'd on Thursday night...not to mention hubbs took a warm bath, I used lime douche (sorry if TMI) and had been eating for acidic PH levels for a couple weeks...there could NOT have been any live sperm there to meet that egg if O-day was Tue and not Sun! I would love to post a link to my chart so you could see for yourselves and tell me what you think, but I don't know how.
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Re: please help!

Postby Esperanza19 » Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:47 am

Hi. I've been having the same probs putting my chart link in my signature and have literally just figured it out. If you click sharing and then get code, it will come up with a list of codes. You want BBcode (for message boards). There will be a choice of 2, I kept going for the first one and it didn't work so I tried the 2nd BBcode (I think it was called simple link or something) and I pasted that into my signature and it worked. You can also paste it into a post if you want. Hope that helps :)
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