did you have simular chart or symptoms

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did you have simular chart or symptoms

Postby crystal7911 » Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:00 pm

some symptoms or signs is that over a few days my secondary signs where moving towards nnot fertile like i got dry a/ sticky and my cp was lfd but as of last couple days its moved up slightly softened up more mediumish but still very closed and my cm has turned more watery / creamy/ lotiony like sometimes more some times less of it. plus starting yesterday its got either a sweetish or clean spell like a pleasant when usally it has a stronger smell to it very acidic or ammonia smell to it. cd 30 i believe it was i had been having some unpleasantness feelings in my uterus kinda heavy or crampy then i was laying on bed and got to bold painful shocking stabbing like pains in my right side above pubic bone and i got it again 30 mins later and then it went back to the yucky crampy feeling and next day it was over. cd 29 i tested and got a negative. any thoughts would be appreciated
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