BFP @ 9DPO, Endo/Cysts

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BFP @ 9DPO, Endo/Cysts

Postby Tina03 » Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:04 am

Hi Ladies,

I received a BFP at 9DPO, i haven't even missed my period yet, it would be due tomorrow. I'm 12 dpo atm. I suffered from endometriosis and cysts, was recommended IVF and surgery and was told i won't be able to conceive naturally. It took us almost 3 years to conceive the first time (BFP at 12dpo), but i lost identical twins at 6-7 weeks last year. Now over a year later, we conceived again. I was about to go to a fertility clinic and get IVF going and eventually surgery and it happened against all odds again naturally. My charts had been pretty chaotic since the mc and i had again cysts. This is the most perfect chart i ever got since i'm charting and surely enough it was cause i conceived. Even with my first BFP my chart wasn't that perfect, it had dips, this one is completely even and shows no dips. I'm sure i implanted at 6dpo.
I'm so surprised and happy :-)!!!!! But also nervous a bit as i'm hoping this one will stay with me till the end!
chart jul2016 resize.png
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Re: BFP @ 9DPO, Endo/Cysts

Postby HighlandGamesGirlCO » Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:08 am

Your chart looks amazing! So sorry for your losses - tons of :sticky: and wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!! :congrats:
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